Apotheker’s Since 2013


We’re a small, family-run business founded by Russ & Shari Apotheker in Boston, MA. We started with a dream to share our passion for simple, healthy living through handcrafted products made from all-natural ingredients. Thanks to you, our vision has become a reality and we’re working tirelessly to bring you more of our small batch goods.

As husband & wife, two artists, and dreamers of a simpler lifestyle, we continue to inspire each other to make all of our own goods by hand. Endlessly tinkering in the kitchen, we make homemade herbal remedies, wholesome foods, teas, salves and more. We hope to settle down on a farm one day, slow down our lives and bring things back to the basics.

Though we strive to eat cleaner, we also believe that food is for enjoying. Russ made the first batch of chocolate for Shari with that in mind and we strive to offer you indulgences you can also feel good about, too.

The Apotheker Family History

Russ’ family comes from a long line of herbalists and pharmacists dating back to ancient Jerusalem. After immigrating to Austria and Poland in the 17th century, the family changed their name from Rokeach to Apotheker, both meaning “pharmacist”. Fittingly, Russ’ grandfather, Karl Apotheker became a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy in Queens, where Russ remembers playing as a child. Today, Russ & Shari are proud to carry on the family tradition through both their herbal products and healthy, honey sweetened confections.